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Local History Club - Autumn 2016

Our Local History Club first met at the start of the Autumn Term, to coincide with the redevelopment of 

St Peter's Church.


We have researched the history of Combwich and gone for historic walks to identify historical sources and to locate the focal point of old photographs of the village and evaluate how time has changed our village.


We have also enjoyed metal detecting in our school (thanks to Mr Smailes) and were delighted to find a pot of gold - or 22p to be precise!



Picture 1 Can you tell where this photo was taken from?

One thing that has become apparent is that there are very few sources about Combwich in the past, so we have decided to create a time capsule to provide our ancestors information about our school and village in 2016.


Watch this space for more information about our project!

We had a walk around using this map to see how Combwich has developed since 1888.