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New Competition & Some wonderful writing

500 Words Competition

500 Words 2018

500 Words is back for 2018!

The world's biggest short-story writing competition for kids has returned and we can't wait to read this year's stories! Please go to and read all of the information on this page to find out everything you need to know about 500 Words.

Congratulations to Emily, Isaac, Izzy and Lyra (River Class) and Oscar (Bay Class) whose entries into Young Writers' "Once Upon a Dream..." competition have been recognised with certificates and the opportunity to be published in an anthology. Read some of their wonderful writing below and watch out for the others coming soon...



I hate vegetables -

The whole lot,

I think that they should stay in their pots


Horrible things - 

Orange and green,

I'd rather have jelly and ice cream


I hate vegetables


By Oscar Stone (Bay Class)

Spud's been eating slugs


Spud's been eating slugs again, there's slime all down her chin

I don't know where she's got them from

I don't know where she's been

It turns out it's a magic slug that gave Spud powers within

It gave her power to slip and slide and gave her slippery skin

Now she goes into the butcher's shops and helps herself to chops

The butcher can't get hold of her, neither can the cops

Now she's got very fat from eating all the food

So she's so big I can't cuddle her, now it's put her in a bad mood

Once I tried to pick her up but she slipped and hit the floor

The slug shot out her bum and went straight out the door

She's really happy that she's no longer sliming

We give her the love she needs and that's the end of the rhyming!


By Izzy Webber (River Class)

* Inspired by Spud - Izzy's dog

The Giant Who Squashed My House


One blazing, hot sunny day

My friend and I were out to play

Pushing our bikes up steep Church Hill

Happy, sunny and silly until...


I saw a big giant that was smelly and hairy

He wasn't nice and he looked quite scary

He squashed my house quite flat like a pancake

The village and everything began to shake


I started to cry like a howling wolf

I went to my flat house to get some proof

All I found was a ragged old bone

Then I realised I was all alone


So I cried hard enough to make my face pop out

I screamed like a little girl and began to shout

I woke with a terrible fright

I ran to check if my family was alright


Everything was in its place

No giant around, not even a trace

I realised it had been a stupid scare

It was just a silly nightmare!


By Isaac Fairweather (River Class)