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The Inspire Curriculum

The Inspire Curriculum was developed by Cornwall Learning. Their rationale was that they:

"believe that the primary school should be a safe and wonderful place where children want to be, and learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Learning should be through a mixture of exploration, discovery, creativity and a variety of sensory and kinaesthetic experiences which encourage learners to want to explore more in a journey of lifelong learning.

They will learn the literacy and numeracy skills needed for life and learning and to progress in their education.

Whatever their background they will learn to shape their futures and develop their unique capacities and skills. They will be encouraged to be curious and use thinking skills to innovate, be creative and problem solve. They will develop the first understandings of employment and entrepreneurship. A primary education should set up learners for life, with the knowledge and skills to be well-rounded individuals, mentally and physically healthy, with an appreciation for and a generosity toward the people, the world and the universe around them."


The Inspire Curriculum is made up of 54 units, each aimed at specific age groups and each focusing on a wide range of cross curricular skills based on a common theme. With our mixed class set-up, we have organised a rolling programme to ensure that children are able to experience the full range of learning available through their time at Otterhampton.


Please follow the links below to see how we have organised the curriculum units over the next 3 academic years.

We are currently using Inspire as a foundation for our writing and Literacy work. Please click on the link below to identify the genres of writing that are linked to each of the units of work.
Each class will update their class pages regularly to identify and provide a breakdown of their current units of study. Please follow the link below to access class pages.