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In order to make rapid school improvement we have produced a School Development Plan for 2020-2021. The purpose of this plan, which is a working document that is regularly reviewed and updated, is to improve the teaching and learning within the school by prioritising and detailing key issues for development. We have given ourselves 7 key priorities.


Strand 1

To improve students outcomes by raising standards and improving progress


Strand 2

To ensure that all students’ reading ages are at least within six months of their chronological age


Strand 3

To  embed an ambitious curriculum across the school which develops depth of knowledge and instils cultural capital


Strand 4

To improve and develop the Early Years Foundation Stage provision


Strand 5

To ensure our safeguarding procedures are robust


Strand 6

To ensure the curriculum is adapted to suit the needs of students with SEND


Strand 7

To prioritise well-being in Staff and students at OPS








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