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The Teaching of Maths at Otterhampton 


At Otterhampton we follow the National Curriculum 2014.  We maintain consistency within each year group and provide practical experiences that we believe are very important throughout the school.
Maths is seen as integral to daily life and parents have an important role to play in the mathematical education of their children.  Children need to be included in everyday mathematical activities such as weighing, sorting and shopping.  At all stages it is very important for children to talk about their maths and understand what they are doing.  Pages of calculations look good, but they are no substitute for practical problems involving mathematical skills, e.g. pocket money, budgeting, timetables and playing games.


The development of reasoning skills and the ability to apply understanding to a wide range of problem solving is essential for our learners to be numerate and confident. Through both discrete teaching and meaningful links to themed learning, we ensure that core skills and real life applications are developed in tandem.

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