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Our Curriculum intent - Learning and growing together


Our curriculum at Otterhampton is underpinned by the National Curriculum which is taught discreetly and as part of carefully planned topics. Our curriculum is adapted to consider the needs of our students, families and our local community. 


We believe that school should be a safe and stimulating environment where children want to be; where learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom. At OPS, children are encouraged to enjoy life, make positive relationships and take responsibility for shaping their own futures. 


Whatever their background, our curriculum is designed to build upon children's prior learning, provide first hand learning experiences and allow children to develop interpersonal skills, resilience and become critical thinkers. The children at OPS will learn literacy and maths skills for life and will be encouraged to be curious and use thinking skills to innovate, be creative and problem solve.


The Primary education at OPS sets learners up for life, with the knowledge and skills to be well-rounded individuals, mentally and physically healthy, with an appreciation for and generosity towards people and the world around them.


Students at OPS embark on a journey when they start in our Pre-School which puts learning into meaningful contexts that will build upon each other as children progress through the school. Staff continually reflect on the impact of their teaching through assessments, discussion, learning walks and data analysis. Our teaching is adapted to ensure all students are challenged, resilient, happy and kind learners.  

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