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Visions and Values

Our School Vision

At Otterhampton Primary School, we believe that our children come first.  We want them to feel happy valued and secure.
We will endeavour to provide a stimulating, exciting learning environment in which each child develops to their full potential.
We aim to develop the ability of children to question, in order to become confident independent thinkers who have mutual respect for each other and the world around them.
We aim to create a partnership between home school and community in order to encourage children to become responsible citizens of the world.

Our School Values

At Otterhampton Primary School, we discussed the core values that we believe underpin our right to a happy and effective learning community and environment, in which everyone feels valued and in which everyone is able to strive to constantly realise and extend their potential.


Each class identified the qualities that they felt were most important and we developed and agreed a set of 8 shared values.


These values are the foundation for all of our work, our behaviour policy and our daily interactions. They also provide themes for our shared assemblies.


Every week, the school council nominate members of their classes who have best embodied the selected "Value of the Week". These winners are celebrated at a weekly assembly.

Picture 1 We all share and believe in a common purpose and work together to strive towards excellence in everything we do. As Winston Churchill said; “Never, never, never give up!”
Picture 2 Courage does not mean that nothing worries you or challenges you. Courage is the inner strength to face problems, challenges and fears and to work through them. It takes courage to stand up for what is right. It takes courage to overcome difficulties.
Picture 3 Always trying our best and persevering even when our work is difficult is a key ingredient for any successful learning and an important aspect of any successful community.
Picture 4 Our good behaviour and manners enables both ourselves and the people around us to fully enjoy and benefit from all of the opportunities that come our way every day.
Picture 5 Telling the truth and being open when things are not going so well is a really important quality. It enables us to access help when we need it and also to take responsibility for our actions and our learning.
Picture 6 The ability to understand how other people are feeling, to value the differences that may exist between us and to always seek to help people when they need support helps to make our school community and the wider world a happy place to live, work and to grow.
Picture 7 We understand that everyone and the environment that we all share is important. We treat each other as we would like to be treated and care for all property and our surroundings.
Picture 8 We support each other and work together towards our common shared goals. We understand that sometimes we can help people most by allowing them the opportunity to explore, investigate and learn independently.