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Welcome to Otterhampton Primary School. Please return school dinner menus a.s.a.p. Sports day July 17 th.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Head is Mrs Claire Luce

Our SENCO is Mrs Lisa Dunwood

Picture 1 Mrs Carol Pracownik - Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Amy Hill - Admin Assistant / LSA
Picture 1 Mrs Susannah Eggar
Picture 2 Miss Martha Day - Brook Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mr Ben Adams - River Class Teacher

Mr Ben Adams is teaching River Class (Yr2/3/4).

Mr David Harris is teaching Bay Class.

Picture 1 Ms Bev Smith - HLTA (Bay Class)
Picture 2 Mrs Liz White - HLTA (River Class)
Picture 3 Mrs Sally Parsons - HLTA (Brook Class)
Picture 1 Mrs Julie Salter - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 2 Mrs Carol Ring - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 1 Mrs Norah Darch - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 2 Miss Adrienne Martin - Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs Debbie Turnbull - LSA and Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 4 Mrs Lisa Williams - Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 5 Mrs Lisseth Bachanan - Lunchtime Supervisor