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Travelling Book Fair February 2nd-8th 15:15-16:30 . School Disco February 9th.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Our Head is Mr Andy Sandercock

Our SENCO is Mrs Lisa Dunwood

Picture 1 Mrs Carol Pracownik - School Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Amy Hill - Admin Assistant / LSA
Picture 1 Mrs Susannah Eggar - (on Maternity Leave)
Picture 2 Miss Martha Day - Brook Class Teacher

Mr Ben Adams is teaching River Class (Yr2/3/4) during Mrs Eggar's Maternity Leave.

Mr David Harris is teaching Bay Class.

Picture 1 Ms Bev Smith - HLTA (Bay Class)
Picture 2 Mrs Liz White - HLTA (River Class)
Picture 3 Mrs Sally Parsons - HLTA (Brook Class)
Picture 1 Mrs Julie Salter - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 2 Miss Sammi Touchin - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 3 Mrs Carol Ring - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 1 Mrs Norah Darch - Little Otters Pre-School
Picture 2 Miss Adrienne Martin - Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs Debbie Turnbull - LSA and Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 4 Mrs Lisa Williams - Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 5 Mrs Lisseth Bachanan - Lunchtime Supervisor